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Aspekt Publishing 
Russian-English languages publishing company in USA
You write it...We print it!



Fiction and poetry, regional history and genealogy, cook and
children books in color - limited editions
for societies and individuals.

All of our standard books are printed on

60# smooth white opaque paper

and include a FULL color cover


Commercial Printing and Book Publishing

We are prepared to work with our clients in developing

a professionally printed publication

Everything you need to design and publish your book.


Unique Cover Design - Only $150.00   Each cover is individually crafted to your specifications and to the theme of your book. Because we realize that most readers first pick up a book based on the attractiveness of the cover, we want your book to have a cover that stands out and makes the potential reader want to read your book. 

Professional Book Layout - as low as $75.00 for 100 pages.  Print ready layout is the most important key to a professional looking book.  We layout your book to include margins, gutters, chapter starts, headers, foot-ers, table of contents and all the professional nuances that high quality books contain.

ISBN with Barcode - $75.00  If you want to sell your book in stores, you will need an ISBN number. It’s like a social security number for a book and used to identify each particular book.

Library of Congress  -  $30.00  We register the publication to obtain a Library of Congress Control Number and submit the required book deposit with the Library of Congress that assures for subsequent distribution of bibliographic information to libraries, scientific and informational and organizations.

Technical Assistance - We provide free technical assistance in setting up your books, converting files, etc.  We review test files and advise you on their suitability - we then recommend steps you can take to improve them.

Editorial Assistance - We can provide at agreeable cost professional editing assistance that safeguards the essential thematic and fundamental purpose of the publication. while offering alternate choice of expression in such details as more structure, sentence phraseology, grammatical clarity and paragraph coherence.

Copyrighting -  We make it easy to have your book copyrighted.